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Creative Facilitator 

Location: Wolverhampton                                            
Contract Type: Temporary 

Closing Date: 15th July 5 pm 

Salary:  View Below                                           

Programme Dates: Mid-September 2024 - May 2025

Number of Positions: 1 

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About Us

Where we are… is a new national programme delivered by the British Museum and supported by the Paul

Hamlyn Foundation. From 2021-2025 the programme will work with third-sector and cultural partners

across the country to develop meaningful arts and cultural projects with young people.

These co-produced projects will respond to something in their local area that the young people are

passionate about and as such the direction these projects will take will be driven by the young people.

This year we are working with two Key Partners:

● Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Reach and Unite Outreach and Empowerment CIC 

We are seeking to appoint a session facilitator for our Wolverhampton partnership who will work with

the young people to develop their ideas and passions into a creative output.

The facilitator will be responsible for collaboratively working with the young people to explore their local

area and develop a creative line of enquiry. Alongside the project team (The British Museum and the Key Partners) the young people will support the recruitment of relevant creative practitioner(s), who they will work closely with to shape the arts and cultural output of the project.

Vital to the success of this project is listening to young people about what they are interested in talking

about and exploring possible ways for them to express this interest. This project will not be about dictating

ideas of culture to young people but will be about listening to what culture means to them. However, it

will be important to provide young people with a scaffold and framework within which to work.

By working in a co-production four-way partnership between the British Museum, Wolverhampton Art

Gallery and Reach and Unite Outreach and Empowerment CIC and young people, the programme aims to:

1. Remove some of the barriers to engagement with the cultural sector that young people face

2. Create a sense of agency in young people that can be reflected in their communities

Job Description 

You will be working with 15 young people aged 16-24 who are supported by. A key part of this role will be

to coax out of the young people what they are interested in and how they want to talk about that. The

successful candidate will be able to work with young people who do not see themselves in museums or

gallery spaces and will be able to draw out of the young people the confidence and skills needed to

develop a creative output.

The sessions will likely take place at Wolverhampton Art Gallery or RUOE Inclusion Hub Fortnightly mid-

September – mid-May 2024. The exact location, dates, and times are to be confirmed.

Duties will include:

1. Design and deliver fourteen bespoke interactive and inclusive sessions that 1) build the skills,

knowledge, and confidence of young people to co-produce arts or cultural projects that are

meaningful and relevant to them and their local community 2) develop their ideas and passion

into a creative output. Up to 8 of these sessions can be in partnership with another creative

practitioner (s) or artists.

2. Collaborate remotely with the facilitator of the project in Doncaster before and during the

delivery of the creative sessions.

3. Work closely with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Reach and Unite Outreach and

Empowerment CIC and young people and the British Museum to develop and agree on a detailed plan

for the sessions with the young people.

4. Ensure that the sessions remain relevant, responsive and adaptable to the young people’s needs.

5. Build rapport and trust with the young people, being mindful of their lived experience and

respectful of their other responsibilities.

6. Provide ongoing pastoral care to the young people and duty of care. Report and discuss any

safeguarding concerns or needs arising from the young people involved with the Key Partners.

7. A youth worker will join the project and provide pastoral care and support for the young people.

You will need to work closely with them to remain up to date on any emerging issues or needs

that the young people have.

8. Work closely with the British Museum and Key Partners to understand local organisations,

individuals and needs of young people recruited on the project.

9. Communicate clearly with the Key Partners about the day-to-day operation of the project and

reporting to the British Museum about the overall progress of the project.

10. Work collaboratively with creative practitioner(s) to shape the creative output with the young


11. Share best practices and learning with the other facilitator working in Doncaster in as well as The

British Museum, Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Reach and Unite Outreach and Empowerment CIC

and young people.

12. Work closely with the Key Partners and creative practitioner(s) to plan and deliver an end of

project community celebration event in Wolverhampton.

13. Work closely with other facilitators, Key Partners and The British Museum to plan and deliver an

end-of-project celebration event. Location tbc.

14. Work closely with the project evaluators, ensure that evaluation data is collected from young

people regularly as agreed with the evaluators, and are safely stored and made accessible to the

evaluators.15. Attend Mental Health First Aid training and Trauma-informed practice training, as part of the

training for the role, before the start of the sessions.

16. Attend the Co-Production Workshop at the British Museum on 15 August 2024. Travel, food, and fees

for attending the workshop will be covered.


Adaptable and flexible session plans that are interactive and engaging.

2. Working with the creative practitioner(s) to develop the creative output with the young people.

3. Attend weekly on-line project catch ups with the Project Team (The British Museum,

Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Reach and Unite Outreach and Empowerment and young


4. Attend monthly on-line network meetings with Key Partners from Doncaster and


5. Meetings with the other facilitator from Doncaster for sharing of learning and best practice.

6. Attend any online training provided as part of this role.

7. Attend the local and national end-of year celebration events.

8. Reflection session with the Project Team at the end of the project.

Person Specification 

We are particularly interested in applications from people who have shared lived experiences with the

young people in your area. Any experience required can be demonstrated by paid-for or voluntary work

or can come from outside the work environment.


This role requires an enhanced DBS check and interested applicants should either have one or apply to get one before the start of the creative sessions in September.


Understanding and experience of safeguarding young people.


Confidence in delivering workshops in person.


Ability to communicate effectively with project partners both verbally and in writing.


Ability to work collaboratively with creative practitioner(s) to develop a creative intervention with young people.


Experience of developing sessions that respond to various learning styles and abilities.


Experience of co-production working in museum, gallery or cultural settings informally with a diverse group of young people.


Ability to relate to young people and draw out their skills, interests and experiences into meaningful arts/cultural projects.


An in-depth understanding of the barriers facing Young People accessing cultural assets.


Knowledge of the local cultural and arts landscape including local networks with artists and creative practitioners.


Committed and passionate about co-producing meaningful creative projects with a

diverse group of young people.


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How To Apply

  • A CV.

  • A personal statement outlining how your previous experience (paid and/or voluntary) allows you to meet the person's specifications. Please also reference how you propose to deliver this work.

  • If you are applying as part of an organisation, please provide an introduction to the organisation and its credentials.

  •  Two examples of relevant projects you and/or your organisation have previously undertaken.

  • Ability to meet the timescale outlined.

  • Contact details of two referees.

  • To apply please email Hanouf Al-Alawi, National Outreach Manager, at by 15th July 2024 at 5:00 pm.

  • For more information about the Where We Are programme, please see our website or get in touch with Hanouf Al-Alawi on

To find out more about timelines and pay rates please click here.

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