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After-School Club 

After-School Club 

Mondays - Forest school, allotment day, or cooking sessions. 

Forest School is a long-term outdoor education process that is holistic and learner-led. It allows children to develop themselves through healthy engagement with risk, problem-solving and self-discovery, all within a natural environment in a hands-on and thoughtful manner. Foraging introduces children to wild and healthy edible foods in the forest, teaching young people how to ensure that when foraging, they leave some for the wildlife.  This helps young people to develop a deeper understanding of wildlife and the free healthy foods found in the outdoors. Our cooking sessions are a fun way to provide children with hot, healthy meals, as well as learning valuable life skills.

Tuesdays - Sports and creative sessions

Our sports sessions include a range of sports such as boxing, cycling, badminton, netball, basketball, dodgeball, dance and physical activities. Sports are an excellent way of empowering young people to develop teamwork, confidence, self-belief, social skills and talent. These sessions equally improve physical and mental health.

Wednesdays - Swimming sessions

We want to make swimming accessible, fun, and easy for everyone. Our SEN-friendly swimming sessions have been specifically developed for those swimming with and without a disability.

Our instructors have gone through dedicated training, meaning they can deliver inclusive classes for people with different abilities, impairments and access needs. We also have staff that the young people know and trust in the water to provide additional safety in the water.

Fun Fridays (TGIF) - Recreational offsite activities

Ever get that Friday feeling where your working week is done, and want to let your hair down and enjoy social time with friends? Well, believe it or not, so does your child after a week in school. We have created "Thank God It's Friday" for our young people.

Every Friday, our young people enjoy days out to fun places such as ice skating, cinemas, trampolining, bowling and much more.

After a hard week at school, social time in a safe controlled network enables our children to enjoy safe social time, reducing exposure to street culture.

Our local after-school club offers young people a fun, enriching environment to spend their free time, either after school or during holidays and half-terms. These activities are suitable for ALL children with and without needs. Sessions are also available for school pupils who have reduced timetables, as well as young people who would benefit from therapeutic support. We organise different after-school activities throughout the week with the offer of transport. 

Barbara Avon Balcin 

"Great team, professional and caring!!
My daughter and grandson have thoroughly enjoyed the summer/half term clubs, my daughter has needs, Dom and the team meet all her needs, including diffusing her outbursts, emotional support, nutrional needs, keeping her active,physically and mentally They have both enjoyed activities including swimming, day trips out, recently the pantomime. My daughter had one to one child care, a visit to the art gallery and came back with a big smile on her face. Totally recommend Dom and her team. Will continue to use their service, happy mom and happy kids. Thank you Dom and team 😊"


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