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Support for Young People

A brief overview of services offered at RUOE. Further information can be found by selecting the service in our programmes drop down menu.


After-School Club

An after-school club that caters to 8–16 year olds with and without needs. Our club offers a range of activities such as forest school, swimming, trampolining, cycling, cooking, trips and sports. We also offer a transport service, collecting children from school and returning children to their homes.


Holiday Club

Our holiday clubs offer a mixture of onsite and offsite activities. We have been named one of the top SEND providers in the City of Wolverhampton due to our service coordinating our Local authorities SEND offer. We have a sensory room, specialist trained staff and soft play.


One-2-One Support

One-2-One support offers a range of support to young people who struggle with a range of social, emotional and mental health needs, trauma, or behavioural difficulties. Child mental health has been seriously impacted by the pandemic and one-2-one support can be offered to meet a range of needs.

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Post-16 Programme

Our Post-16 programme was designed to support young people that have experienced difficulties in finding the right path for their future education, employment and training as well as opportunities to be a part of community groups in areas of interest to improve quality of life.


Parent Support Signposting

After speaking to a number of parents in the community and having a number of staff members with lived experience, we understand how hard it is for parents to know their rights, entitlements and where to find support. Our signposting support is available to raise awareness of existing services in the city that offer support with mental health, education and family support.


Gang Intervention and Prevention

RUOE works in partnership with the Violence Reduction Unit, Police and Children's Services to support young people that are recognised as being at risk of exploitation, gang involvement and anti-social behaviours. 

Amplifying Voices in the Community 

Services supporting parents and professionals, designed to improve the lives of young people!


Therapeutic Parenting

RUOE's goal is to help parents create new connections and boundaries with their younger ones. This method aids young children to trust adults by using routines and strict but fair boundaries. 

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RUOE has licensed PRICE instructors that are able to deliver a 5-day de-escalation as a part of the restraint reduction network. 


Lived Experience Workshops

Our lived experience experts support professionals to understand how their role can empower or cause a negative impact on young people. Our workshops are designed to bring trauma informed care into reality.

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