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Gang Intervention 

Gang Intervention 

Our mentors, many of whom have personal experiences regarding gang involvement, give talks to raise awareness of the dangers of gangs, as well as form strong therapeutic relationships with the young people in this programme. This is essential in creating an atmosphere of understanding and trust, whereby a young person and their mentor can work together to get to the root of issues that may have led to negative choices being made. We also employ the help of social workers, healthcare professionals, housing groups, churches, and youth offending groups to give young people on this programme the most support possible.

Working closely with both the young people and their families, we create individualised care plans catered to the needs of each person, helping them to set personal goals. The programme entails activities such as group workshops, motivational talks, counselling and a one-week camp retreat, wherein young people are encouraged to express themselves through activities such as boxing, T-shirt design and music.

In 2022, a number of children reported the positive impact of the gang intervention residential. Children who have been a part of the gang intervention programme have reported how much it has helped them to achieve a renewed desire to do better.  We offer activities like cycling, boxing, football and basketball sessions, walks and mentoring sessions. 

Our Gang Wolves 4 Change Intervention and Prevention programme, created by James Gwilt, aims to empower young people to foster new mindsets and encourage consequential thinking through a range of trauma-informed therapeutic mentoring styles such as structured, peer and group mentoring from lived experience mentors. Our intervention is designed to support young people at risk of, or victims of exploitation and those involved in anti-social behaviours. We provide opportunities and influence that encourage positive behaviour change. 

Feedback from children on the programme

Anonymous Child on the programme 

"I really enjoyed the residential and  it was  chilled and fun. I learnt a lot during the programme"
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