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Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

We also provide a peer mentoring programme aimed at secondary school students; teaching older students to become mentors to a younger student. This helps the mentee greatly with their studies, and helps the older student develop leadership and social skills. This therapeutic relationship also allows both people to empathise with each other, fostering an environment of co-learning. 


Our gang intervention and prevention programme employs mentors, some of whom have lived experience with gang involvement and have since turned their lives around, using their experiences to help young people avoid dangers they are familiar with. Our mentors form strong therapeutic relationships with young people, built upon mutual understanding and trust.

We offer mentoring services for young people who may be struggling with their social, emotional and mental health, such as family dysfunction or bereavement. Their individual needs are identified and they are offered one-to-one sessions to help them set goals and develop confidence. 

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