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One-to-one Session

One-to-one Session

We offer alternative provision plans for school students, including educational plans personalised for each pupil. We offer both on-site and off-site education, within schools and other educational environments, to better suit an individual young person's learning. These provisions involve one-to-one English and maths lessons, as well as practical and vocational learning.


Practical learning involves practical, hands-on learning experiences, such as our forest school, sports lessons, after-school activities and educational visits. We also teach practical skills such as DJing, performing arts and swimming. Young people on alternative provision are also offered places in our after-school and holiday clubs. Within this service, we will work with on-site learners between the ages of 8-16 years, as well as countless off-site and online learners, with support staff available and training for 17-24 support staff.


We offer a range of services that include alternative provisions. Our soft play and pop-up sensory room services offer opportunities to learn, socialise and take a break from a classroom environment if necessary. Our educational packages provide a young person with information, helpful and relevant to their individual learning needs.

Young people have a range of different learning styles and a vast number of needs. Because of this, the mainstream school system sometimes does not meet the needs of some children, for reasons such as illness or exclusion from their school. Alternative provision includes methods of education that are designed to help these young people reach their potential.

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