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We take pride in each of our projects as every single one of them are created for the benefits of our children. 


Due to the recent events of COVID-19 and the cost of living going up, a lot of families were struggling to provide healthy foods for their households. Thanks to the support of Severn Trent, we were able to rent out our own pot for young people to grow fruits and vegetables for themselves and their families this year. Their funding helped us buy all the necessities for the children to have the full allotment experience, such as equipment, materials, plants, and seeds. With this project, we've managed to help more than 5 families with fresh produce. 

The program was a great way for our children to bond with each other and the staff. They got to see their own produce grow week by week, increasing their confidence and morale. Research shows that keeping an allotment is a great form of exercise as you get to decide the pace, and growing organic vegetables will also benefit the environment as it helps limit the number of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the soil.

Our children love picking their own food and fruits and taking them home to their families.  There was a time when the children managed to make smoothies from the fruits they planted. 

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Forrest School

Our forest school program is designed to encourage safe play in nature, exploration and support risk-taking. Both problem-solving and self-discovery are important features of Forest Schools.  It is proven that encouraging children to learn through hands-on experiential learning in a natural setting helps to develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Forest Schools encourage children to be physically active. The variety of sessions and activities that are offered provide a host of learning experiences for young people. As well as the physical and educational benefits of social and emotional development.

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